Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions, and everybody asks. Here is a small guide with the most asked questions about fishing in Santorini. Feel free to let us know your questions via email if the below doesn't cover your concerns.

The time starts from the time we sail, For example let's say you've booked the full day package which is 6 hours total, Those 6 hours will be onboard fishing, snorkeling, swimming, having a beer or what ever you plan on doing while on your fishing charter in Santorini with us.
Yes of course! By the end of our fishing trip any fish we catch you get to keep if you'd like to, We also offer to cook your fish onboard for you if we have enough time left, Otherwise you can take the fish to a local tavern/restaurant by the port and they will cook your fish for you at a low cost.
I'm afraid not, in order to book your fishing trip here in Santorini we'll require a small deposit just to make sure you will be there on the day we've agreed and you are legit about fishing with us.
Yes of course there is, Fishing and Beer doesn't workout if there is no toilet onboard!
Most likely yes! Our boat is 10 meters (32.8 ft) long and has a capacity of 10 people to be comfortable on it, That's why our packages are up to 10 people.
Very easily! How it works is, Once we receive your deposit about the full day fishing charter, We'll confirm everything within half an hour, On the day of the surprise, We'll come pick you up both and take you to the port where your lovely skipper will be waiting for you with a big smile ready to start your adventure.
There is absolutely no problem with that! It is our pleasure to educate and teach you a trick or two about fishing while on an adventure with us! All you have to do is have fun and enjoy the day.
Yes, We provide you with beer, soft drinks and some local wine to taste, Not too much though because we try to avoid our new friends falling into the sea drunk! And yes.. it has happened before, And the boat was not even moving.
Yes! Santorini has 1 crated on the volcano which is still active, thus the hot springs, Upon request we stop at the hot springs for swimming, The volcanic mud is magic for the skin!
Well for starters I'd like to inform you that our boat is large enough and there shouldn't be any dizziness, especially in the summer months, Just to be sure, You can always purchase dramamines from a local pharmacy and that should do the job!
Yes of course you can, We have special packages regarding 24 hour fishing adventures, where you'll also be able learn and witness the traditional ways of fishing here in Santorini.
For the amatuers there are a couple limitations, But we are professionals with all the different licenses required for the kind of fishing we do, Which means as many fish we catch during the time we'll be cruising here at Santorini, They can all be kept by you.