A few words about us

Our fishing history, our service and our fishing boat.

about santorini fishermen

Other Than Family we are the best of friends, Santorini Fishing tours is who we are.

It all started one day when our fathers took us out for fishing on a sunny calm summer afternoon when we realized that fishing was going to be our passion, Santorini is a volcanic island and known for the blue waters, the beautiful sunset and the island of nea kameni or "Volcano". After many years of fishing, when we finally were able to take our own boats and go out for adventured no matter what the weather was like and coming home proud that we caught fish to show our family and eat, It occured to us that there had to be a way to share that feeling of fishing in the caldera of Santorini and the neaby islands with the tourists that visited our island every year, And once fishing became an activity legally for chartering tourists we were the first to run and get started with obtaining the licenses required for it.

The traditional and most effective ways of fishing here in Santorini are with long lines full of baits and the old method of nets, But that requires a lot of work, time and is generally not what the average person has in mind when thinking about the word "Fishing". Fishing as a hobby should be relaxing, exciting and enjoyable and thus the Sport Fishing.

Having the license was one thing, but there was something missing and that was the boat of course! A boat large enough and with all the luxuries needed for a professional charter, By then we had everything needed, From rods to baits to tons of experience and the last thing remaining was getting the Fishing Boat.

With us you actually get to fish! We show you the begining if you are a first at fishing and you continue till as long as you like.

The Fishing Boat

Before buying a professional fishing boat for chartering around the island of Santorini and all of the cyclades, We had to do some serious research to find one that really fits our needs, and we found it! It is approximately 10 meters long and 4 meters wide, large enough to fit up to 10 people easily without anyone being uncomfortable, and with a protocol of up to 25 people. The fishing gear is stored inside of the boat where you will also find 2 twin Beds, WC, Kitchen and living room, where you can relax in case of a wintery day. As for Engine wise it's more than enough! the twin engine of total 370+ HP located inside the boat will hardly be heard due to the silencers we've recently added, And helps the boat reach up to 33 Nautical Miles.


Now that we've got everything we set our minds to accomplish, We're currently running the fishing tours on the island of Santorini for a few years so far, and once again we assure you that with us, you actually do the fishing and our purpose on the boat is to serve you your cold beer, crack some jokes and tell you all you need about the island and the history of fishing.

The fishing equipment

As for fishing equipment we have a variety of fishing equipment where most consist of AVET & TALOS fishing mechanisms and rods, Onboard you'll find belts for heavy type fishing the ones that support your fight against big fish and the right fishing rods for that kind of fishing, Upon request we can prepare fishing lines for some traditional fishing that is mostly used here in Santorini.

The waters of Santorini have been explored for many years, and tested by all of us to see what kind of baits are the most effective for fishing, Well of course as most of the fishermen around the world lie about their catch and techniques, the same happens with the ones here in Santorini, That doesn't matter in our case because the baits we use and the techniques we apply are from personal experience to work, And that way we assure you with the best chance of catching a fish while on a fishing tour with us here in Santorini.